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March 7th 2016.

We’re already 3 months into the year and no, I won’t be one of those people going on about how the year has flown by so quickly and before you know it, it will be Easter holidays then winter then December! No! Everything is going at the pace that it should. Is this not how every year feels though? So it should be the norm shouldn’t it? A big yes!

I have to express the amount of gratitude I feel. I’m grateful because I’m happy! I’m in the most unbelievably beautiful space in my life. Of course life can always get better and I’d be happier with far less or no cellulites at all (not joking, these things were sent by the devil), but right now… I feel really good and I’m grateful for this very moment (cellulites and all).

There are quite a few things bringing joy into my life! The obvious reason being that in the near future, I’ll be saying ‘I Do’ and spending the rest of my life with a truly incredible man. I could go on and on about him and our relationship, but that deserves a post on its own. I’m still in awe at how it all happened! Details might just follow in the near future. For now… enjoy this moment that took my breath away.

The Proposal

My family is also ok, my little sister is having a baby and I’m so excited about becoming an aunt again! I find myself shopping for the little one at every chance I get, you’d swear she’s mine! My older sister’s business is also starting to flourish, she has her ups and downs, but so does every entrepreneur. I’m so proud of her, not everyone has the guts to start something new , let alone on their own.

On the work front, things are wonderful (see why I’m so happy and grateful?) .

I got to interview a man I’ve always watched on TV while growing up. Can you believe that he’s been acting professionally for 51 years now? Incredible! Talk about longevity! His name is Joe Mafela and getting an opportunity to sit down with him and celebrate his life was a beautiful out-of-body experience. It’s unexplainable. His level of professionalism blew me away, a very punctual man who arrived an hour early for his interview. His impeccable conduct during our minor technical glitches throughout the show increased my level of respect for him. I guess these are some of the reasons he has been able to stay on and continue acting for so long, besides his unmatched talent of course! That was an interview for my talk show, Zaziwa on SABC 1. What an honour!


Joe Mafela and Pearl Modiadie


On to other news! Beautiful, gracious and talented Zizo Tshwete is on maternity leave, she’s becoming a mommy as well  and I have been asked to fill in for her on the Live Lotto draw until she is back. It has been a great experience so far and it’s exciting hosting a live game show where millions are at stake, an opportunity to make people’s dreams a reality! Such a thrill!


Pearl Modiadie - Live Lotto show

Pearl Modiadie - Lotto show


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Pearl Modiadie



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